The United States has the strongest hurricane in history, and Amazon has notified sellers of such distribution.

In the United States, the biggest event of current national concern may be the hurricane “Florence.”

According to foreign media, Hurricane “Florence” is approaching the southeast coast of the United States, and more than one million people in the region are being asked to evacuate. The official expects this to be the worst hurricane in North Carolina in 64 years, and Trump even called it “one of the strongest storms in American history.” The National Hurricane Center said the storm is expected to land on Thursday (13th) from late to Friday and will be “an extremely dangerous major hurricane.” Currently, parts of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia have received mandatory evacuation orders.

But whether or not to evacuate, some people still hold a wait-and-see attitude. However, it is certain that the sales of sellers in the United States will inevitably be affected, and the distribution of products in areas affected by the hurricane is likely to be problematic. In response, Amazon released the following technical notice yesterday.

Amazon said to the seller in the notice:

A hurricane in Florence may affect the fulfillment of orders. If you live in an area affected by the hurricane of Florence, your safety and business viability are very important to us. You can take the following steps to protect your business:

* If you anticipate that your shipping service level will not be met, please consider temporarily setting the seller’s listing to be invalid.

*If the seller’s order is shipped in an area that may be affected by the hurricane in Florence, please contact the buyer to find out their order status.

No action is required on products using FBA, and Amazon will process all FBA orders affected by Hurricane Florence. If you have goods being sent to the fulfillment center in the affected area, you may be notified of delays and rescheduling of potential carriers.

For sellers whose products are sold in areas affected by hurricanes, they may only need to change their information settings with their fingers, but for sellers who will sweep the area to the hurricane, things are very headaches.

In the Amazon seller forum, a post on the “Florence and Amazon tactic” topic has been viewed more than 1900 times. In the post, the sellers directly affected by the hurricane and possibly the affected areas expressed the most concern about the network, there are sellers. It is even more desperate to send orders received before the arrival of the hurricane, but the buyer is still dissatisfied with this: I don’t care about your problem, I only need my order↓↓

The after-sales problems brought by the hurricane have caused the seller to be overwhelmed, and it remains to be seen how much the US station sales will be affected.

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