These are best not to touch! Those minefields on the road to newe sellers

In recent days, all kinds of election products conferences have been carried out in full swing, which has opened the season for the arrival of this year’s peak season. As a professional service provider, our Kaiming intellectual property is naturally a regular visitor to these conventions. In the long-term contact, we often see many new friends who are new to the market.

Indeed, a good selection will be of great help to the start-up sellers. However, I found out that many of his sellers’ friends were close friends. When they chose to sell their products, they often overlooked the existence of some other problems.

Today I gave you some examples of what was happening around you. Based on your own opinions, I would like to talk to you about minefields that are selected by novice sellers. I hope to be helpful to everyone.

1.Amazon sells

The most common way to choose products is to directly sell the hot products on Amazon, which can easily intercept Listing traffic. This is undoubtedly a quick start strategy for novice sellers.

However, with the revision of platform rules and the strengthening of management and control, the risk of this method is getting bigger and bigger, which is not only easily reported by intellectuals, but also limited to the filing of trademarks, which may eventually lead to adverse consequences such as the closure of accounts. , so the way I’m not recommended.

2.actively participate in the exhibition and site visits to manufacturers

This is a simple and crude selection method, and it is also an option for beginner sellers. Especially during the period when the election products conference is frequently held, the organizers can help everyone gather a group of excellent manufacturers for everyone to screen. Novice sellers are not only able to visit the scene to select their favorite quality products, but also to listen to the valuable experience sharing of the big coffee industry. It is indeed a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

3.the use of selected tools for analysis and screening

With the development of cross-border e-commerce, there are many useful selection analysis tools on the Internet today, such as AMZ Base, Google Trends, etc., as well as some U.S.-selected U products that are specially set up for sellers. The selection of sellers at the same time has also improved the efficiency and precision of the selected products, but the channel is more professional and requires certain skills, so it is not suitable for novice sellers.I still suggests novice sellers that they can gradually strengthen their studies in this area because these tools will certainly become a good helper for your cross-border development.

These are the most widely used and frequently used methods of selection for cross-border sellers today. Specifically how to operate, Xiao Bian is not a professional, after all, is not listed here. In fact, the key point is to tell everyone how to effectively avoid the selection of minefields. Let’s get us to the right point:

Keep away from infringement elements

With the tightening of various platform policies today, the requirements for intellectual property elements such as trademarks and patents have become increasingly stringent. I warns all sellers and friends: In the selection of products, everything that involves elements of infringement must be kept away from it. Because today’s infringement and imitation brand products have little room for survival on cross-border e-commerce platforms.

If the selected product is involved in infringement, it is easy to be subject to infringement complaints, and as long as someone complains of infringement, Amazon will immediately impose sanctions on the complainee, send a slight notice of warning, remove the product, cancel the sales authority, and seriously, directly seal the title. .

Moreover, if the brand side conducts legal proceedings, the money in the account will be directly frozen and the money will be worthless. What’s more, the other party mobilizes the legal department to go directly to your company for evidence collection and seizure. An imitation brand product may even become a big stain in your life. These consequences are beyond the reach of an ordinary seller.

In this small series, we have to add a digression statement. When sellers sell products on the platform, they must pay attention to ensuring that their own patents and trademark exclusive rights are owned or authorized by themselves. This measure is not limited to domestic markets, but the target market is even more necessary. Attention should be paid to knowing that the situation of today’s overseas patent trademark registration is very turbulent. Even the Trademark Office has issued the “Overseas Trademark Preemptive Warning Information.” It is possible that some of the best-selling hot explosive products will become a wedding dress for others. .

Understand the customs and taboos of the target market

The selection of products is not actually carried out unilaterally. However, many sellers nowadays choose products that they consider to be aesthetically pleasing, but they often neglect the deep understanding of the target market and eventually lead to unsalable products and even losses. Because the markets in each region are not monotonous, they all have their own preferences and traits. Only by first understanding the target market from customs, preferences, religions, and climate, can we ensure the right selection to avoid Step on the minefield.

My friend who had been a European station had suffered such a loss. This friend learned that European consumers liked the retro-style sewing box of the Middle Ages, so he entered a group of better-quality sewing boxes on the German station. For sale, preparations make a big profit, but few months have passed, but no single amount, after careful investigation to know that the original Germans are very taboo chrysanthemum, roses and other patterns, these flowers are seen as ominous signs, however this The sewing box sold by a friend is just a rose pattern. No wonder no one placed an order. In the end, the friend had to take the bullet and withdraw the product and silently suffered losses.

Not only that, I also learned about two similar cases from the advisor of Kaiming Intellectual Property: A friend who was doing the Amazon Japan Station found that when selling his lotus flower costumes, Japan was just the opposite of us and considered the lotus flower. It is the flower of the “underground” and it is related to the dead. Therefore, it is generally used only at funerals. When a friend of mine was doing souq UAE station, he went to a number of accessories of the recently-popular “social man” pig Peggy, but not only did not sell, but also immediately received a warning from the platform and forced the next rack. Now. The reason is that everyone must know it.

It can be seen that the above cases are all due to the lack of understanding of the target market, resulting in painful lessons. Therefore, I warned everyone that before the selection of products, we must conduct a comprehensive consideration of the target market. Otherwise, the next negative case is likely to be you Oh ~

Do not choose hot-selling products with short periods or seasonality

In recent years, the cross-border electricity business community has been born with many familiar explosives, such as balance cars, fingertip tops, and finger monkeys, etc. Careful friends can easily find that these so-called explosive products are also like a flash in the pan. , come fast and go fast. As a result, many sellers are falling into the pursuit of explosives and the pursuit of explosives at a time when many sellers are earning enough money. For novice sellers, it is even more difficult to master the laws of these products, increase the risk, and it is easy to become a cannon fodder.

Therefore, when choosing a product, the novice should choose some products that have demand almost all the year round, such as body scales, mountaineering bags and other products with long life cycle, so as to facilitate their long-term maintenance and optimization and ensure the operation of stores. Knowing that some explosive products may not even be sold with experienced sales, let alone the little white that has just started. Only by being firm and down-to-earth and deepening their own product lines, they can earn money and accumulate experience, which is what novice sellers should do.

In fact, for novice sellers, when choosing a product, it is necessary to avoid products that update too quickly and seasonally obvious products. For example, if you choose a mobile phone film, it has just been created through hard work. The new generation of mobile phones is again When you appear, you have to start again. For example, if you say that you have chosen a Christmas Christmas Tree, you will have a good sale before Christmas. But after Christmas, if you have a lot of misfortunes, I am afraid that you will only cry. Now. These conditions are likely to be a fatal blow to novice sellers who lack experience.

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