US lawmakers want to ban Amazon from selling goods on its platform

US senior lawmakers want to split Amazon

On Friday, senior US Senator Elizabeth Warren announced a plan to control the power of Amazon, Google and Facebook.

She posted on Facebook that Facebook, Amazon and Google, these three companies have a huge influence on our economy and democracy, we all use them. But in the process of their power, they suppressed competition, used our private information to seek benefits, and tilted the competitive environment in a direction that favored them. It’s time to split up these big companies so they don’t have that much power for others. I have a plan to protect consumers and competition – Here’s how we can break up Big Tech (the following is how we split large technology companies).

It is understood that nearly half of the e-commerce in the United States is conducted through Amazon, and more than 70% of Internet traffic is conducted through websites owned or operated by Google or Facebook. She accused these companies of using their resources and control to suppress small businesses and stifle innovation.

“In order to restore the balance of power in our democracies, promote competition, and ensure that the next generation of technological innovation is as vibrant as the previous generation, it is time to split up our largest technology company.”

Amazon copy seller products

Elizabeth Warren pointed out in the plan that the reason why large US technology companies can achieve such a dominant position is partly because of their two strategies: 1. Using mergers to limit competition; 2. Using proprietary e-commerce platforms to limit competition.

“Many large technology companies have an e-commerce platform and are also selling on the platform, which may create a conflict of interest that hurts competition… Amazon replicates the products that small companies sell on the Amazon platform and then sells their own brand versions, Press them down.”

The Ecommercebytes website pointed out that many sellers and e-commerce people agree with Amazon’s description of “crushing” small businesses, and also reported that Amazon uses seller sales data to reverse the situation and compete with these sellers.

Successful entrepreneur and consultant, New York University (NYU) marketing professor Scott Galloway published a landmark article on Esquire, explaining the reasons for splitting Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google – “Silicon Valley tax avoidance, Killing the work, the machine that devours the soul.”

Warren advocates legislation that makes large technology platforms a “platform tool” that prohibits both platform and platform participants. She also advocates the abolition of what she calls anti-competitive mergers, including Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and Zappos.

She explained: “You can still find 30 different coffee machines on Amazon and you can send them to your home within two days.” But the situation will change: “Small businesses will have a fair chance to sell on Amazon. Your own products, without worrying that Amazon will push them out of the market.”

As a seller, how do you view the competition between Amazon and its third-party sellers on the platform?

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