Wal-Mart released a new patent, the new luxury brand platform Shopal won 100 million B round of financing

Wal-Mart’s Outlook for the Future of Retail: We hope to enhance the shopping experience through these patents

On May 31st, according to CNBC, a US financial website, Wal-Mart produced a large number of high-tech ideas behind the scenes. Recently, this large retailer has issued a series of patent applications that may in the future completely subvert our perceived shopping experience.

According to CB Insights, the company has applied for 1,419 patents since 2009. However, the latest document shows that Wal-Mart is also planning how to face the challenge of Amazon, which is increasingly dominant in e-commerce.

The State Council reduced the import duties on daily necessities to 2.9%

It is reported that from July 1 this year, the average tariff rates for clothing, shoes, hats, kitchens, and sports and fitness products will fall from 15.9% to 7.1%; the average tariff rate for household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators will drop from 20.5% to 8%; The average tariff rate on imported foods for processed foods such as farmed fish, fishery products for fishing, and mineral water will fall from 15.2% to 6.9%; the average import duty on cosmetics and some medical and health products such as detergents and skincare, hairdressing products will decrease from 8.4% to 2.9%. %.

Ali’s global layout surpasses Amazon, AliExpress’s first e-commerce platform

A report by Morgan Stanley recently showed that by 2027, Alibaba’s “total target market” will reach 24 trillion US dollars, far exceeding Amazon’s 15.9 trillion US dollars. US media points out that Alibaba is becoming a strong opponent of Amazon. The rapid popularization of AliExpress in the international market is one of the main reasons. AliExpress is becoming the leading e-commerce platform in emerging markets such as Russia, Spain and Brazil.

In response to the new GST regulations, Amazon announced that Australian users will not be able to visit overseas sites!

From July 1 this year, Australian consumers visiting Amazon’s overseas sites will be redirected to the Amazon Australia station. Amazon’s above-mentioned measures are in response to the new GST policy. The new GST will be applied to all overseas companies and the transaction price is lower than that. A AUD 1,000 tax is levied on 10% of the goods. The Australian government announced this policy last year to achieve “fair competition” between Australian local e-commerce sellers and international retailers.

Cross-border new luxury brand platform Shopal won 100 million yuan round B financing

The company “Shopal”, which has successfully launched several red-branded brands such as Aveeno and Ou Bili, has completed 100 million yuan of round b financing. The current round of financing is Kaihui Innovation Fund and Lianjie Capital.

After this round of financing, in addition to continuing to harvest exclusive and self-owned new luxury brands, “Shopal” began to build its own channels and membership system, leveraging small programs and multi-brand integrated stores to precipitate users and increase brand exposure, creating strong closed-loop control rights. system.

Google, YouTube Become Americans Favorite Site

According to Amazon’s website traffic analysis platform Alexa, in the United States, traffic to Reddit sites has exceeded Facebook, Google is still the most visited site, followed by YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook, and Amazon is in the top five.

Suning’s new round of Alibaba shares is expected to make a profit of RMB 5.6 billion

It is reported that Suning Tesco said that it has completed the sale of shares of Alibaba Group held by the company through the New York Stock Exchange. In this sale, the company received a total of approximately 1.504 billion U.S. dollars for the sale price of the shares. After preliminary calculations by the financial department, it is estimated that it will realize a net profit of approximately RMB 5.601 billion.

It is understood that after the completion of the sale, Suning will still hold 13,164,689 shares of Alibaba Group, accounting for 0.51% of its current total issued shares.

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