What about unsalable products? 4 tips for cleaning up Amazon inventory

Amazon listing from hot to unsalable, what do you do? Of course, cleaning up inventory, doing Amazon in the past few years, I also throw a lot of goods, of course, also successfully cleaned a lot of inventory, today I talk about cleaning my inventory of several tips .

Before you clean up your inventory, you have to understand that, whether Amazon builds new products or cleans up inventory redundancies, you basically do your homework on traffic and conversion rates. I know that novice buddies will work hard to study other people’s listings, so I There is no worry about how bad everyone’s listing details page will be. In general, the unsold inventory of products is basically a lack of traffic. It means that your keyword ranking leads to a lack of traffic (not to mention the product selection is not good, inventory has accumulated in the warehouse, and quickly think of ways to clear some , to reduce the loss. In addition, I often say a word, traffic is enough, shit can sell out), nonsense not much to say, then say my method.

Method one: This method is suitable for situations with excessive redundant inventory. Brush the product rankings one by one, the keyword rankings are high, and the traffic will be relatively large. Many people would think that they wouldn’t want to sell their goods, but they would have to spend money to pay for their orders. I don’t want to. Change thinking, spend money to brush the rankings, the chance of others seeing your product becomes bigger, and then with the price reduction, the product can be sold, even if the value of 5000, you can change back to 2500, we will lose When it wins, turning goods into money is stronger than anything.

Method Two: Many small partners do not want to clear the goods. They will directly cut prices when they come up. They still haven’t figured out the nature of the problem that cannot be sold. The root cause is traffic. Have you ever thought about the use of price cuts, can someone else see your products? Don’t you know that big sales today, will you buy them? Well, the second way I would say is to use off-site promotions. , Speaking of using outbound promotions is also using their traffic, it is difficult for novice buddies to use a platform like slickdeals. This platform requires that Amazon stores have more than 1000 feedbacks and require more than 50 reviews for products to be released. I share a platform that does not require these today, and I have been using myself for a long time. The traffic is quite stable:snagshout.

Method 3: Well, finally there is no way to spend money. Share a method that I often use to operate, find a variant with good sales in the shop, and add a child variant to clear the inventory below the father. This new listing product parameter needs to be consistent with the slow-moving product, and the price is reduced to the cost. . It is worth noting that this requirement for slow-moving products and another good-selling product needs to be the same, or related, and certainly not relevant. Once billing, you can use FBA inventory to create Amazon delivery orders, and other Amazon shipments to update the number, and then fill in the order number into the order logistics information. (Hey, brainstorm, if your shop doesn’t sell well, then would you dare to sell someone?)

Method 4: Bundle sales, discount promotions. Find out the products with good sales and review, and do promotion within the station, for example, buy a one-for-one event, and drive the products that are unsalable. This operation should pay attention to the fact that the product still has to be relevant. Don’t make low-level mistakes, sell summer things to send products in the winter, and let customers feel that what they send is valuable.

In addition: For higher value and larger quantities, LaoTian can first remove all products and send them to their overseas warehouses. After rebranding, they can send them to FBA’s new link. Of course, they have to calculate logistics. The fee and the replacement fee are even greater.

The clearance of goods requires us to have the spirit of a single day. The process of clearing goods must be very difficult. We must insist on it, put our minds to rest, lose money, win cash back, and wait for the next opportunity.

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