What is the status of Amazon Australia station sellers?

Foreign media news: Before the launch of Amazon Australia, the influence of retail giants in overseas markets triggered speculation from all walks of life: Will it, like the US, eventually account for 44% of Australian e-commerce sales? Or, will it have a three-year revenue increase of 8.8 billion pounds like the UK station?

However, the performance of the Australian station is completely different from other markets. According to the analysis of the Sydney Morning Herald, Amazon’s sales in 2017 were 16 million US dollars, with a loss of 8.9 million US dollars. Analysts at Prime Day also found that sales activities in Australia were ten times smaller than in the United States.


Amazon Australia station sellers are diluted?

Judith Treanor, head of retail store Temples and Markets, is one of the first sellers of products sold at Amazon Australia.

Judith Treanor said: “Because I have a lot of products on the shelves at the beginning, Amazon will give some help. I have very few sales channels in Australia, so when Amazon launched this site, I immediately joined, and the sales in the first few weeks were very Ok, however, this situation has changed a lot soon, because the new seller suddenly gets more up and the seller is diluted.”

Treanor also said that Amazon’s own system may also be time-consuming and laborious, especially since her store has many products. She is used to uploading products on the Shopify platform is easy. But if you want to try to upload your product to Amazon, you have to have a lot of computers, which is really time consuming. At other Amazon sites, they have a link to Shopify to Amazon or a plugin that helps sellers upload products. This site doesn’t have it yet, so they have to spend more on it.

Since the launch of the Australian station, music and audio retailer Swamp Industries has been selling in Amazon Australia, and its head, Tom Graham, also believes that the Australian market is “not 100% established”.

Graham said: “Amazon just asked us to create a system so that products can be uploaded to the site. So just learn how their system works, but we now have a thorough understanding of the system, especially now that we are starting to use FBA.”

In addition, the seller also feedback: the brand products that they sell, may be sold by others on this platform, which is very strange; Amazon data is also unreliable from time to time…

Will the future be better than eBay?

Of course, there are sellers DISS Amazon, and some sellers insist on maintaining, saying that the future of Australia is promising.

Some sellers said that “Amazon Australia has just been established, and not many people or customers have found that Amazon is better than eBay here. But when all sellers launched Amazon store in Amazon Australia, they also found how simple the refund process is and how fast Amazon is. Providing orders to customers, he believes that Australian online customers must be satisfied with Amazon’s prices and services.

Therefore, they believe that: Amazon Australia station is definitely not the way in the future, is a market worthy of the seller’s expectations, so the seller should still register on the platform. Because in the next few years we can see that amazon.com.au will become the online market for online services and customers in Australia. In the US, it basically covers 50% of the online market, and if every online consumer spends 2 then they have $1 spent on Amazon. So Amazon will be much better than eBay in the future.

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