With the new payment function, will Instagram become an e-commerce platform? !

On Tuesday morning local time, Instagram showed the public its in-app purchase payment function.

The Instagram in-app payment feature means that users can store credit card information in the personal center and click on the purchase directly within the app without having to jump to another shopping site. Before the new feature is released, users can only click on the product page in Stories or the shopping page in Explore, then jump to a new URL and enter the credit card and address information to purchase. The test of this in-app purchase function was very successful. The company said that 130 million users click on the product label every month.

In order to release the payment function, Instagram has cooperated with more than 20 well-known brands. The following brands are currently participating in the Instagram in-app payment feature test:


Anastasia Beverly Hills






Huda Beauty

KKW Beauty

Kylie Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

Michael Kors



NYX Cosmetics

Oscar de la Renta

Ouai Hair

Outdoor Voices




Warby Parker


The platform APP users can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or the main transaction processor PayPal to make payments. The company explained that direct payment will improve the security of the buyer’s account and create a smoother shopping experience – starting with Instagram and finally Instagram. The development of new technologies is exciting, and the idea of ​​buying a cupboard a few times is a step closer to the user.

Instagram said its platform users have released a strong signal that they want to shop directly through the app. According to data released by the company, 80% of users are actively concerned with one or more brands. Ashley Yuki, the company’s product manager, said that 130 million users interact with the brand every month. Yuki said: “The company started developing this feature last year, but before we did the work, there were users trying to buy goods in the app.”

Unfortunately, the Instagram in-app payment feature is currently in the closed beta phase, with just over 20 brands invited to participate in the test. After the closure test, the feature will be extended to more brands (and more industry-type brands). For brands that are not tested, users can only purchase through traditional jumps.

Yuki said that the brand pays Instagram a small fee for each transaction reached through the e-commerce platform. Yuki also said that the new feature of in-app payments is just a small step in Instagram’s e-commerce strategy. She told the media: “For many people, shopping is a pleasure, a hobby. I think we have lost some fun on the mobile side. Most of the time, mobile shopping is like doing housework… no fun. Yes.”

The in-app payment feature removes some barriers to user purchases and is expected to increase sales. On the one hand, this is a big trend. For example, Google, a search engine giant, has begun testing Google Images to purchase ads. Users can see price tags and other products on the advertisement images. On the other hand, it also meets the convenient shopping needs of platform users. This is also a good social marketing and sales channel for sellers.

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