Facebook prepares for the peak season, providing a new way for sellers to promote

In order to help sellers promote their products and increase their advertising revenue, Facebook has made some important updates and extensions for its advertising products. Facebook advertising floating window Last year, Facebook launched Ad Overlays for the first time, allowing users to add price and discount labels to dynamic ads. Today, Facebook is expanding these[…]

The seller bought Amazon employees! Delete a bad review of $300

Amazon employees: delete a bad review of $300 In recent years, Amazon has been actively recruiting third-party sellers, which not only increases the variety and quantity of products on the platform, but also effectively reduces product prices. According to FactSet, there are currently more than 2 million sellers on Amazon, and they sell about 550[…]

Amazon sellers were attacked by Americans because of the price hikes during the hurricane

Recently, Amazon sellers were attacked by Americans for raising prices during the hurricane. In the face of doubt, Amazon responded: it will remove related products that violate product policies and damage the customer experience. During the hurricane, the bottled water on Amazon was raised sharply. Before the Hurricane Florence attack, residents of North Carolina and[…]

The United States has the strongest hurricane in history, and Amazon has notified sellers of such distribution.

In the United States, the biggest event of current national concern may be the hurricane “Florence.” According to foreign media, Hurricane “Florence” is approaching the southeast coast of the United States, and more than one million people in the region are being asked to evacuate. The official expects this to be the worst hurricane in[…]

Global e-commerce consumption reached $3.4 trillion! These people love cross-border online shopping.

Global e-commerce consumption will reach 3.4 trillion US dollars Although the recent trade war has left many cross-border sellers uneasy, the development of the entire e-commerce industry will not be stagnant. Be aware that online shopping is one of the most popular online activities on a global scale. Accenture said that by 2020, there will[…]

Social e-commerce is outstanding, or subverting the business model of traditional e-commerce sellers

With the development of e-commerce transactions on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms, to a certain extent, traditional e-commerce has been affected by the development of social e-commerce. Recently, Instagram was exposed that the news of building an independent shopping app came out. The development of social e-commerce seems to usher in a new round[…]

The patent right was invaded, and the victim complained about a big wave of sellers!

Recently, Canon announced that it has submitted an infringement report to Amazon asking Amazon to remove the listing of some ink cartridges on the platform. It is reported that these ink cartridges are sold by Etechwork for HP laser printers. Canon’s infringement report stated that the CF280A ink cartridge sold by Etechwork on Amazon infringed[…]

Brazil Post: A fee of approximately US$3.5 will be charged for international parcels

In recent days, one of the hot topics for sellers has been that Brazil Post has begun charging a fee of R$15 (about $3.50) for international mail. For cross-border e-commerce sellers who are one of Brazil’s target markets, sales to the Brazilian market are undoubtedly more difficult. Recently, a cross-border e-commerce platform has been notified[…]

Amazon policy changes, small and medium sellers have begun to explore new ways

With the constant changes in Amazon’s platform policies, small and medium sellers are gradually understanding the truth, do not put eggs in the same basket. From single-platform operation to multi-platform linkage, more small and medium-sized sellers began to try new ways of operation in order to seek development. Recently, Digiday interviewed four Amazon small and[…]