September 28, 2016

About Us

We recognizes every customer’s needs are unique; therefore our freight forwarding solutions are remarkably flexible. We plan the movement of your cargo using the services that make the most sense for a speedy and successful transport.

Our value-added services enhance the process of getting your goods from point A to point B. With our vast knowledge and unparalleled personalized service, LHD adds efficiency, economy and security to your supply chain.

At LHD, your cargo is our passion.

Shenzhen LHD Logistics Co., Ltd. is approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Trade and Industry, transportation and other government departments, professional management in Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders (including air) service, international courier services and related short-distance road transport services.

It is a national freight forwarding business.

Our company since its inception, and implementing the “integrity management, to serve the public,”the entrepreneurial spirit, and always adhere to the “business law, reasonable fees,” the principle of“safe, rapid, accurate, savings, convenience and satisfaction,” a principle of service, inheritance and carry forward the “focus on the assets, the optimal allocation of funds and resources,” the operation of the tradition, to attract and unite a group with extensive experience in large domestic logistics enterprises professionals.

Today’s highly competitive market, our company to market development-oriented, rapid integration of the logistics market in Shenzhen, the business development continue to make breakthroughs. At present, the company in the Shenzhen area in addition to providing our customers door to door international courier service brand agency, is also committed to the development of international private line services, domestic express business and logistics operations, determined in a short period of time, the company will build a a bright pearl of the Pearl River Delta as well as logistics nationwide.

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