The UK’s postponement of Brexit requires the consent of the EU-27, and these products have become popular.

According to foreign media reports, the lower house of the British Parliament voted after the debate on the same day, and passed a government motion with the result of 412 votes and 202 votes against. According to the motion, if the lower house of parliament passes a “Brexit” agreement by the 20th of this month,[…]

Internet screams, USPS, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy all in the middle!

Most world-renowned websites are paralyzed and seem to be a network failure associated with the world. Many well-known websites, including USPS (US Postal Service), Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Etsy, have been attacked, and Twitter and WhatsApp seem to have some problems. The cause of the current failure is not clear, and somehow only a specific[…]

The policy has changed! Amazon cancelled this clause yesterday

Amazon cancels mandatory pricing terms A number of foreign media reports, yesterday, Amazon quietly canceled a clause in the agreement with the seller, no longer require third-party sellers to sell products on Amazon lower than the price of the same products sold in other channels. Critics say the clause is anti-competitive. Price parity agreement, or[…]

US lawmakers want to ban Amazon from selling goods on its platform

US senior lawmakers want to split Amazon On Friday, senior US Senator Elizabeth Warren announced a plan to control the power of Amazon, Google and Facebook. She posted on Facebook that Facebook, Amazon and Google, these three companies have a huge influence on our economy and democracy, we all use them. But in the process[…]

Russians can also buy a car online! Ali Express sells the first online car purchase service in Russia

Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce retail platform, AliExpress, was the first in Russia to officially launch an online car-selling service to open up a new car-selling experience for online consumers. This is the first time AliExpress has copied the new retail car model that Alibaba has successfully implemented in China. Russian consumers can place an order directly[…]